Container Cladding


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The Container Cladding System gives your container a new “skin”. Shipping Containers make cheap, fast and effective habitats.

Intrinsic problems with shipping containers include;
– corten steel rusts quickly and holes develop rapidly
– rapid thermal changes affected by direct sunlight or ambient temperature create unfavorable conditions such as condensation.

The Container Cladding System clamps to the exterior of the container enabling any cladding system to be deployed onto the container.

Protecting the outside of the container extends its serviceable life and moderates internal temperature/fluctuations.

Key Features


Addressing the two largest issues in container conversion, temperature and rust.

Uniform container dimensions means a standardized product, yet external design can take any shape.

Utilizing engineered products tested and certified in their market. eg. Colorbond.

The container is still transportable on most modes of transport (extending dimensions by 50mm in each direction.


Makes shipping containers a truly useful building material.

“Disappears” the container into any environment.

Recycles hard to dispose shipping containers.



Enables any design/facade/cladding to be applied to one or all sides of the container.


Clamping method does not penetrate or otherwise compromise the container by welding/screwing.

Standardized units can be applied in many configurations.

Applies cladding and insulation to the exterior of the container, giving more internal space.


The container is still a temporary building and may not need a permit depending on council regulations.

Easily transportable, “take yours home with you”

Very low transport costs as containers are moved cheaply around the country in a highly competitive market.

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