Cone Speakers


  • Frank Audrey Gus


The “Cone” speakers are designed to complement any sound system but with a difference. The speakers are sculptural, able to be proudly displayed and admired alongside any stereo system or television. The speakers will make a contrasting statement of modern technology housed in natural, re-cycled timber.
The design brief was to create a speaker housing made from sustainably sourced or recycled timber and to also bring some of the technology back to some fundamentals of sound physics; the horn or cone is a natural sound amplifier while also being one of the fundamental ‘solids’ of geometry.

Key Features


Material used is recycled timbers or timbers sourced from sustainably managed plantations.

In a mature market of Hi-Fi speakers there is a need to redress the noise of plastic products and bring back the use of more traditional materials such as timber; sourcing the timber from sustainably managed plantations and or using re-cycled timbers will not only minimize the use of oil based resources but will assist in minimizing the impact of CO2 on our environment by sequestering and removing the carbon in the timber from the CO2 cycle.


Modern sound technology meets traditional workmanship.

In a world of mass production the design of the cone speakers re-introduces the art of wood turning to house the most modern technology available in sound reproduction. The thick timber wall of the enclosure will minimise any contribution to the sound emanating from the internal electronic speakers and ensures their very best sound reproduction.


Best practice design principles produce a simple yet elegant piece of furniture.

By teasing out the fundamentals of sound reproduction and applying well proven and rehearsed engineering principles, the Cone Speaker design has given us the most elegant of products. The cone shape is not only a fundamental solid of geometry it is also a natural sound amplifier. Through the application of fundamental principles of physics the eccentric centre hollow of the Cone Speaker will always force the Cone Speaker to roll to the same position when placed on a flat surface; this occurs by virtue of one side being thicker than the opposite side and therefore heavier on that side. Finally the dimensions of the Cone Speaker, width and length, form a golden ratio which is one of the fundamental natural measures of form and beauty.


A beautiful sculptural form to be displayed and admired.

The simplicity of the design belies its function while at the same time showcasing the essence of sound reproduction. The timber brings the warmth of nature and the cone shape brings a “knowing” familiar shape all building together to give us a beautiful sculptural form to have and to admire.

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