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The Concave Quantum1 football boot has revolutionised the sports industry since its debut in October 2012. The revolutionary feature of the boot is its patented Concave Element, which is situated on the instep of the boot, or the ‘sweet spot’ – the point of optimum power and accuracy. The Concave Element naturally complements the convex shape of a football, creating a ‘cup’ for any football. This design feature allows players to execute kicks with more accuracy, control and power on a far more consistent basis than with a standard football boot.

Key Features


Greater accuracy, control and power
A typical football boot’s ‘sweet spot’ is the area of the boot in which the kicker achieves maximum ball velocity for a given energy input. Prior to Concave, all football boots shared the same thin sweet spot, approximately 1cm wide and 4-5cm long. Just as tennis racquets and golf clubs have increased the power advantage for their sports, the Quantum widens the anatomical elements that make up the sweet spot and fuses these with a ball cupping shape, allowing greater margin for less error and increasing power by up to 15% and accuracy by 40%.


Added protection for the metatarsal bones
An added bonus of the boot’s design is the protection the Concave element provides to the metatarsal bones of the foot which are so important to power kicking. Metatarsal injuries are common place in football due to the hard studs of players’ boots connecting with the ‘soft top’ of a typical boot. The ‘Metaguard’ is comprised of a reinforced cushioning composite which provides added protection; a feature which sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons recognize as an injury preventing device in its own right.


Concealed lacing: optimal performance
To enable optimal functionality of the Concave Element, the boot upper was redesigned with a concealed lacing system. Lacing on standard boots typically interferes with accuracy and control, so separate concealed lacing was implemented, meaning laces cross between the Concave Element and the side of the upper, rather than lacing across the instep. Each side tightens separately with a simple motion, aligning the Concave Element and ensuring a snug fit. The combination of leather and microfibre ensures that the vulnerable area between the toe and the instep is protected from tearing or buckling upon repeated impact.


The Quantum leap
Technology and sport are a potent mix that produces compelling and highly sought after advantages. The Quantum boot is the embodiment of over a decade of research, design and engineering by the team at Concave and CobaltNiche. The end result is a Quantum leap from when an excited Melbourne inventor walked into CobaltNiche offices in 1999 asking for a prototype.

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