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Concave is a revolutionary football boot which increases kicking performance.

Concave’s 2016 Range completely re-conceives their world-first and patented technology into a dynamic, lightweight ‘element’ moulding; enlarging the striking sweet spot; and cupping convex both round/oval footballs to tangibly improve accuracy, distance and velocity compared to standard boots

Key Features


Improved Performance

• Before Concave, all football boots had a striking surface formed by the foot’s top ‘ridge’ (metatarsal bone).

• Major sports brands traditionally focussed on footwear as fashion; technical development centred on the sole. Concave & Cobalt concentrated on the point of contact, the striking surface between the foot and the ball.

• Independent & university tests show Concave boots improve accuracy (up to 30%) & velocity up to 15% compared to regular (control) boots, in both mechanical and field conditions.


New, Dynamic Concave Element

• The 2016 range introduces a completely new instep moulding (the Concave element).

• Previously, the Concave element was a large solid block. The new design is a smaller & more flexible shelled moulding.

• The new Concave element’s material & cross sectional shape allows dynamic deflection to better rebound the ball. The mould provides control & accuracy by capturing more of the ball from the strike, like an egg in a teaspoon.

• The new Concave element’s shorter front to back length, & shelled design allows natural foot dorsiflexion (foot’s flex during running). Combined with new sole & upper designs, movement is less impeded aiding high possession ‘mid-field’ players who can run 16+kms per game.


Continuous Development

• Concave has refined its core technology over 18 years of continuous development.

• For the 2016 Range, Concave & Cobalt listened to user & expert feedback of earlier boot models, substantially redesigning the boots to address these areas.

• The resultant 2016 Range is a watershed improvement in overall design, quality, comfort & performance. The range was co-developed collaboratively by Cobalt & Concave, with special input from Concave’s Innovation Director, Volker Steidle.

• Significant research informed the design of materials, product graphics, detailing & colourways of each model.


Universal Application

• Concave’s element performs equally for all codes as the ball geometry of an oval (AFL or rugby) ball at its preferred striking point is near identical to that of a standard round (soccer) ball.

• Collectively Concave’s 2016 range offers a full range of sole, stud & width models to fit any player (incl. wide fit) & any playing surface (soft & hard turf as well as indoor/urban).

• All models address the shift to minimalist ‘barefeet’ footwear through lighter weight construction & simpler forms.


Market and Commerciality

• Concave’s technology improves all footballers’ kicking performance: elite through to recreational & for all codes (incl. formal FIFA, AFL accreditation).

• Concave is sold in Europe, UK, Asia & globally especially to football (soccer) players. In Australia it is used for all football codes.

• The 2016 Range’s bold design, lighter weight & overall boot quality/functionality has further expanded Concave’s reach/sales globally.

• Concave is building its presence under the shadow of giant global sportswear brands. It continues to attract football legends & current champions to ambassador the brand. In Australia these include Ron Barassi & Jake Stringer (AFL All-Australian & Western Bulldogs Premiership forward).

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