Coin Laundry Clothes Rack


  • Brandon Chow
  • Monash University


The ‘Coin Laundry’ clothes rack is a multi-purpose clothing storage unit designed for renters and apartment residents. It is designed to work both in conjunction with existing wardrobes and also be used as a standalone unit. It features a hanging rail, external hanging hook and the ability to interface with modular storage drawers, allowing the user tailor their own storage solution. Its multi-purpose nature means it can not only be used in a bedroom, but also in a hallway or living room.

Key Features


Assembly of the clothes rack is easy as it only requires a few screws and can be built using only a 50c coin, eliminating the need for tools. This makes it ideal for the modern renter who wants furniture that moves with them. Its modular nature means it can be used in many different ways suiting any environment the user chooses to live in. When the user needs to move, the clothes rack can be packed up onto itself and wheeled around easily, making it ideal for transport.


As way we live as a society is changing. Inner city and suburban housing affordability means there is a much higher volume of people renting than ever before. A lot of furniture currently on the market comes flat packed, but with every cycle of assembly, they get progressively weaker and as a result, many are favouring buying new furniture for their new place as it can sometimes be cheaper than moving their old furniture. The coin laundry is designed to move with the user, providing the necessary storage space wherever it is, reducing the need for more furniture consumption.


The clothes rack pushes the field of design in Victoria by showing how furniture design can adapt to new social and environmental changes. It seeks to address these issues rather than just being another product with a limited life cycle. The project’s development was rooted in real-world research and development, making it relevant to its social context.


The clothes rack seeks to address the issue of furniture waste through the lens of the short-term renters, a group that is growing in numbers. The clothes rack has been designed around the needs of renter by providing storage for a user that has many possessions but not necessarily the space or furniture required for them. By being portable and modular by nature it means users can take it with them wherever they go, time and time again, reducing the need for fast furniture consumption every time they move.

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