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cohealth is a not-for-profit, secular, community health organisation that responds to people’s needs by delivering a wide range of low cost, high-quality, accessible health care and support services.

A part of the cohealth’s recent and ongoing evolution is the broadening of their service model through new “profit-for-purpose” clinics, in addition to their community health clinics, hybrid clinics and other programs and initiatives.

How could cohealth unify and name this diverse service offering? cohealth engaged Liquorice to help them address this challenge and build a stronger brand with a refreshed brand architecture, identity, tagline, naming and more.

Key Features


The new brand identity and graphic language is built around an optimistic and transformative gradient device, with soft curves and soothing colours to put anxious patients at ease.

We also created a new tagline (“Care for all”) with extensive user research and engagement and a refreshed brand architecture.

This architecture, called “the cohealth model”, describes the methods cohealth use to pursue health and social equity in a simple graphic device: care for individuals, care for the community and care for society.

Each method is interrelated, contributing to a holistic approach which further supports the “Care for all” tagline.


Sara Norbury, cohealth’s Marketing Manager, has said:

“The brand has landed well with our staff, particularly the elements that represent calm and welcoming and those more lively elements that depict diversity and inclusivity.

It’s clear that this brand is strong and will hold us well into the future.”


cohealth\’s refreshed brand includes everything from an updated brand identity, brand architecture, service naming, icons, illustration, signage, website and more, helping to take the organisation\’s plans for the future and make them a reality that cohealth is living here and now.


Co-design is an approach that enables cohealth and its audiences to design, construct and deliver services, products, programs and more, together in partnership.

At Liquorice, we integrated this method, including clients and communities in decisions that affect them, ensuring that the outcome is meaningful and empowering for the people who matter most.

Through online surveys and face-to-face interviews, we ran codesign activities with stakeholders from many different backgrounds, including community and full-fee-paying clients, health professionals, cohealth staff, arts program participants and more. These activities enabled us to see points-of-view from every corner of the community and gain precious insights.

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