Cobber Brand and Packaging Refresh


  • Birdstone Collective
  • Ridley Agriculture


Cobber is a well known Australian working dog food traditionally sold through agricultural suppliers and specialty pet channels. Ridley proposed to reposition the Cobber brand to support a broader range of hard working rural Aussies – both human and canine. The project included a revised range architecture that provides a tailored product for working dogs and country pets at all stages of life – from puppies right through to senior dogs.

Key to the successful launch was maximising the in-store impact and appeal to the target market of farmers and those that shop the rural channel.

Key Features


The brandmark was refreshed with a sleeker profile and horizontal orientation. Typeface refinements allow for a consistent mark, and the introduction of the gold helps to define the letterforms. Reworking the letter ‘o’ to create a window became a key factor in reintroducing the horizon line, a legacy from the original mark. The addition of the kelpie silhouette helps to build the brand story of Australian mateship and define the working dog as an integral part of the team.


Where possible the brandmark is used on a black background to maximise contrast and improve product visibility from a distance. The proportion of black on pack was increased to create clean panels on the side and bottom of the bag. This simplified pallet view had an increased the impact in-store. In honour of the pragmatic nature of the Cobber audience, the rainbow effect was removed from previous packs and replaced with a simple two-colour variant panel. This creates a simple navigational aid across the range.


Key elements and information are collected in a lock up on the bottom of the front face to ensure legibility when the product is stacked on a pallet. This area communicates the product specifications and creates a colour block, particularly on the pallet, making the most of the real-estate in store. From 10ft the shopper can recognise a Cobber bag and see it’s variant colour. From 5ft the variant should be confirmed by reading the name. At 2ft the bag front should be in view allowing all imagery and claims to be easily identifiable and provide the final verification.


Photography was key to bringing the Cobber concept to life. Making sure that the correct dog breed was in the right situation was essential. Ridley put us in touch with Victorian breeder Beloka Kelpies and the team directed a shoot for both Working Dog and Complete Puppy, photographed by local Animal Photographer Julie Wilson. Introduction of the rusty old ute and shearing shed hinted at life on a rural Australian farm.


Glare from the previous pack was common across most retailers. This was amplified by a gloss film finish which made finding the brand and product challenging, particularly from a distance. We specified a matte finish to reduce glare and help Cobber stand out from competitors in a sea of glossy bags. The new matte finish helps elevate the product to a more premium positioning while also improving performance, standout and durability in the agriculture store conditions.

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