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Co-Art is a mobile application designed for spreading ideas to help art lovers in Melbourne. It builds an art information sharing community from which people can keep up with interesting exhibitions and explore art works through others sharing, create and curate your own collections of art works, exchange thoughts and understandings related to the same art works and gain art knowledge.The App could extend art experience from combine the offline experience with online resources. By using the App, users can make use of the photos from exhibitions and their own knowledge. It is for sharing, gaining and communicating.

Key Features


1. There are 100+ galleries in Melbourne but most of them are hidden away from people. The App Co-Art can help the art lovers and art travellers in Melbourne to find out new exhibitions.
2. It add experience to users by combine the offline experience with online resources. After watching an exhibition, users can share their experience and knowledge on this platform.


1. It changes the relationship among art lovers, also changes the way they connect to each other by providing a platform for them to get a chance to know each other and share art ideas.
2. By collecting and assembling the data, the App can help users to find related art works and people with the same interest based on multiple factors such as specific artists and locations.
3. Artists can also use this platform to read and listen to audience and promote their works.


1. People usually know new exhibitions on advertising, the Co-Art provides a UGC (user generate content) platform for art lovers to share information as well as the knowledge.
2. For most people, the exhibition experience is walking around the exhibition, take photos then go home, they might share several photos of the exhibitions on Instagram. Co-Art is for people to make use of both the photos and knowledge to get a deep and wide understanding of the exhibitions and art.


– Assemble and connected related data for users to easily find out artists, art works, exhibitions, location, etc
– Get people of same interested connected
– Gain art knowledge in width and depth


1. For viewers:
Know new exhibitions;
See related art works;
How others understand the work, thus – Gain knowledge and Find people of same interest
2. For people who post their experience:
Record the art trace of yourself;
Link to related post by others;
Review process (Link to more related information about the works/exhibition);
Share your experience – attract followers – opportunities in art field

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