Clumsy Case – the clever iPad case for clumsy hands


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1. Design Excellence

iPads are expensive, yet appeal to the professional and ‘toy’ ends of the market. Kids love playing with iPads, and there are good reasons to do so. However, iPads can be easily damaged when dropped – a concern especially for parents. Existing cases that offer drop-protection communicate hardcore engineering aspects – thick seals, and bulky materials – often at the expense of aesthetics. The design of the Clumsy Case offers the same level of drop-protection with clever use of material, and a simple yet friendly, aesthetically-pleasing form.

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2. Design Transformation

At Studio Proper, each idea is nurtured from concept to production. Clumsy Case benefitted from a breadth of idea and material explorations – hand-sewn fabric mock-ups, handmade paper clay models, and CNC foam prototypes. The complex 3D form posed a challenge to foam manufacturers who are accustomed to simple 2D forms. Being focused on achieving a beautifully-finished product meant understanding and optimising every detail of the process. In the end, we achieved the desired quality that looks as good as it feels to touch. It is for this reason that we proclaim our products ‘Meticulously Designed in Melbourne’.


3. Design Impact

While Studio Proper is an established brand in iPad accessories, the Clumsy Case has enabled the brand to shift into entirely new markets. As design itself is always looking for new and different ways of doing things, staying true to the creative process and on the path of discovery has allowed Studio Proper to stay ahead of the curve. While the Clumsy Case was originally designed for children, its universal appeal has seen it being used by a much more varied demo- graphic that even includes a non-profit community health service in helping patients learning to use iPads.


4. Design Innovation

The overarching goal was to allow parents to be carefree in sharing iPads with their children, in a way that enhanced the experience for the whole family. Taking a holistic view meant considering the entire experience. We further challenged ourselves to make the iPad soft to touch and hold, while still being capable of standing on its own, present- ing the screen at a viewable angle. Inviting these design challenges led us to many other class-leading attributes like the simple, one-piece moulded foam construction that is robust and easy to clean while also allowing the same case to be compatible with iPad generations 2, 3 and 4. The charging port, camera and head-phone jack remain easily- accessible, while the sound-enhancing \”bubble\” ports complete the experience.

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