Cloud Nine Winery


  • Weili Zhong
  • RMIT University


One of Australia’s most highly regarded, premium wines is introducing a new sub-brand solely for export to Asia.

As a designer, the task was to create:
– the name for this sub-brand
– the logo/logotype
– packaging for 2 different Australian wines

Cloud Nine is a luxury Australian wine brand that will target the Asian market. They cater to affluent and very discerning consumers that are buyers of international luxury brands.

Key Features


Cloud Nine’s packaging aims to translate the type of wine into its design. Shiraz is a bold, contemporary wine. Roses were chosen to represent that. Chardonnay is light bodied and refreshing. It also often has different fruity aromas. Therefore, leaves were chosen to give that perception.

In Asia, Australia is stereotyped as a place with an abundance of nature. The snake accompanied with flora was eventually chosen to represent its origin. The snake has many positive connotations in different cultures in Asia. Since Cloud Nine is meant to target the Asian market, these positive meanings are included to attract them.


Different luxury cues were included to increase its elegance.

Tactility is considered in many different aspects of the design. Matte stock is chosen to contrast the varnish on the side of the box as well as the illustration. Textured off-white uncoated paper is used to provide a rooted heritage feel to the new brand. The logo is also embossed onto the label to create extra texture. Lastly, a satin ribbed ribbon is used as a closure to contribute to its tactility.

The illustration on the box creates mysteriousness and increases its elegance. It visually communicated the brand’s heritage and story. The logo is incorporated into the illustration to allow consumers to recognize the brand while not flaunting it.

The wine bottle label is kept minimal to increase its elegance in contrast to the box illustration. Off-white textured paper is also used to contrast not just the box but also the bottle itself. The logo on the bottle label is embossed on to the label for texture while creating an extra focus on the logo.

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