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The mutable range is a family of height adjustable tables that can be used for multiple purposes. (The term mutable refers to an object that is likely to change.) Mutable \’low\’ can be used as a coffee table (420mm high) as well as a dining table (720mm high) while Mutable \’high\’ can be use as a dining table or a bar table (1020mm). They are made from 100% recycled steel and come in a range of powder coat colours or optional stone and timber tops. The customer can also choose between a round (900mm) or rectangular (1200 x 800mm) top.

Key Features


The tables comprise of two parts. The top slots into the base and easily changes height when desired. Transforming a mutable from one function to the other is very simple. For example in the coffee table position, the top sits inside the base, to change the table to the dining position the user simply lifts the top up and rotates it ninety degrees and then drops it back inside the base. To change it back to the coffee position, you lift and rotate again.


This product has huge potential in the domestic, commercial and hospitality market. Given that we are increasingly living and working in higher density environments where space is at a premium, the flexibility of objects within our interior spaces is almost a necessity. The benefit of having a table that has two heights allows for both formal and informal use while also increasing the sustainability significance of the product.

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