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Made exclusively by Tait the CLOUD foosball table is believed to be the first all steal, weatherproof and vandal proof table anywhere in the world. They are extremely robust and specifically designed to be used in outdoor public places such as parks where they receive the most use and abuse. Although these tables are still ideal for private and commercial contexts such as in beer gardens, playgrounds, backyards and shared communal spaces. They can be installed permanently, by being bolted to existing infrastructure or a new footing and can also come with lockable castor wheels.

Key Features


They are extremely robust, and can take a lot of punishment dished out by players.


They are vandal proof using all steel parts and solid stainless steel rods. The steel players are pinned through rods so cannot break off like most other foosball tables .


They are weather proof, rain and debris washes out through the goals and ball return holes.


They are designed for all ages. So whether you are 5 or 105 you can still enjoy playing on a CLOUD foosball table.


They require no maintenance and have a five year manufacturer warranty.

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