CLOUD cubby


  • Cloud Studio Melbourne


Cloud cubby is a simple to construct play system appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Its flat pack A-frame provides a sheltered seat, a shop area, an igloo like entrance, shelves and windows. The windows and openings on all sides facilitates adult supervision while the flat pack design allows for easy storage and transportation. Another great feature is the orientation can be reversed to suit any space. The timber is left raw to be painted your child\’s favourite colour or used as their blank canvas but when used outside, the sealing all surfaces is recommended to make cubby fully weatherproof.

Key Features


Cubby is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is a multifunctional system designed to be used for a wide range of play and can be flat packed, is easy to transport, to assemble and disassemble. Suitable for children ages 1 – 7 and can accommodate several playing at the one time.


There is almost zero waste in the production of the cubbies. 99% of the plywood sheet is used, for example the roof beams are the window cut-outs and the igloo entrance cut-out is used as the shopfront.


Another great feature is the cubbies simply slot together. A few screws are needed to fasten some parts down but without the need for glue and a multitude of fastenings the cubbies can be erected or flat packed in a matter of minutes.

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