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Climates engages Australians to think regionally about climate change. Through empathy, advocacy, and technical support; they actively help our neighbours in the Pacific region with the current effects of climate change.

Aēr Design collaborated with Climates to develop their story. By extending upon the colloquial term ‘mate’ found in the name, messaging and brand tools were created to target an Australian audience, our mates. Australians are given a sense of responsibility to help their mates from rising sea levels, typhoons and tropical storms, partially caused by our high emissions per capita.

Key Features


Giving the Audience a Sense of Responsibility
Due to the complexities and scalability of programs in the organisation, Aēr Design identified a key mission, to imbue a sense of responsibility to our neighbours (mates) well-being. Pairing natural photography of locals affected in the Pacific with direct messaging like ‘be a mate’ or ‘our mates’ gives the audience a sense of responsibility to engage and act on a human level.


Building Brand Awareness
Aēr Design developed brand guidelines and a suite of collateral, including a responsive website with targeted content pages depending on location, also automatically integrating the latest news from the Facebook page. Business cards, badges, pull up banners, picket signs and t-shirts were created to build the brand awareness in different environments such as talks, climate rallies and business meetings.

Since launching the brand, Climates Facebook page likes have increased by over 500% to 2,825 and posts reach over 75,000 impressions a month. Climates had a strong presence at the People’s Climate March in Melbourne last November.


Effective Messaging
The design solution presented a level of professionalism and understanding of the issues and messaging required; enabling and facilitating professionals, experts and politicians to come together for discussions. Notable engagement was developed with Powershop Australia CEO Ed McManus, Greens MP Adam Bandt and Australian Conservation Foundation Victoria McKenzie-McHarg. Support from companies such as Bonds, Red Hill Brewery and PREA have also established.

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