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Classical Fingers is proudly designed and made in Victoria and is the only learning tool that helps create a more efficient and smoother technique whilst playing the clarinet. By preventing the fingers of the player from lifting too high from the surface of the clarinet, Classical Fingers helps establish the correct muscle memory essential for a better performance. Classical Fingers shows off an elegant and sleek design, complimenting the aesthetic and structure of the clarinet and has been designed for ease of use. By attaching two magnetic bands to the clarinet, the guard simply clips into place via magnets.

Key Features


As a teacher of 16 years I found that hovering a pencil over my students’ fingers to prevent them from lifting too high dramatically improved their accuracy and smoothness when they played. From this simple teaching technique I began working on the idea of developing a learning apparatus that would help my students achieve this on a more regular basis away from their lesson. The evolution of Classical Fingers was finally realised with the optimisation of the finger position essential for all levels of players and the innovative Clip & Play design for ease of use.


Inspired by the Treble Clef, Classical Fingers not only looks musical but is designed to be elegant and sleek to compliment the aesthetic and structure of the clarinet. Magnets are also used to clip the guard into place making it easy and fun to use. When I started learning the clarinet I loved how it looked and felt as well as how it assembled so I wanted to create the same excitement with Classical Fingers. Classical Fingers is transparent so it appears to float above the clarinet without interfering with the look and is designed to be a natural extension.


The hardest challenge faced with Classical Fingers was how to attach the guard to the clarinet whilst being functional and easy to do. By attaching two specifically designed magnetic bands to the body of the clarinet, the guard simply clips into place via magnets and the student is ready to play. When the student has finished using Classical Fingers the guard can be attached to their music stand and the magnetic bands left on the clarinet when packed away. Whenever they want to practise they can simply clip the guard into place without having to set up again.


The structure of Classical Fingers follows the exact curves, angles and keys of the clarinet to guide the natural direction of all students\’ fingers. It has been specifically engineered to maintain an optimum height from where the fingers sit and, in return benefits all finger sizes. Whether just starting out on the clarinet or preparing for recitals or examinations, Classical Fingers eliminates any unnecessary finger movement for improved results and a better performance for all that use it.


After using Classical Fingers for only a few weeks students already notice improved results in their playing giving them the confidence to excel. Classical Fingers not only is a practical solution to improved muscle memory and technique but creates awareness of a common issue facing many clarinet players. If their fingers are lower then they are more likely to play smoothly and accurately as their fingers always have the same distance to travel. It\’s always a shame when a student gets disheartened due to finger placement issues so it\’s fantastic to have a product like Classical Fingers to help avoid this.

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