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Clarinox supplies software components to engineers. The traditional marketing of such products tends to be informative, but a little dry, such as a table with lots of numbers. Clarinox wanted something a little different – and a little fun. The design performed by Ezgi Tanyeri, Clarinox Brand Manager, was a perfect balance of informative and fun. With these brochures Clarinox was listed as number 2 in Top Things to See at Embedded World in Feb 2014. This is a great achievement for an SME from Australia up against giants such as Intel, ARM, and TI. Inquiries are still streaming in.

Key Features


ClarinoxBlue “Bluetooth” Brochure
The name Bluetooth comes from the Danish King, Harald Blatand, and so the use of Viking Imagery on the front side of the flyer creates a link to the history of the technology in a fun and amusing way. The impact of this design is increased engagement with the target audience – engineers. This investment in design has transformed the business from small local business to globally renown business with clients in USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, UK and India.


ClarinoxBlue “Bluetooth Smart” Brochure
The low power variant of Bluetooth is known as “Bluetooth Smart”. The challenge for this brochure was to create an image that was linked to both to the tradition of Bluetooth and to the concept of cleverness. The resulting image of a nerdish viking has had great appeal with the engineers that the company is targeting.


ClarinoxWiFI WiFi Brochure
WiFi standard is known by many letters and so the use of fun characters to convey the supported standards has worked extremely well with high a level aesthetic appeal to the targeted users. This brochure campaign has assisted the company to obtain a number of large international brand name clients within the WiFi space.


Case Study
The case study imagery combined the fun look to tie in with the technology brochures but also included a serious side via the photograph of the product image on the reverse side. This has conveyed the message of a company that takes its work seriously – but not itself too seriously. This message has resulted in perception of quality outcomes for its clients by a team that is fun and approachable


The brand imagery was extended to a short and fun style animation on youtube. This video provided background on the founders and the company and has enhanced the company appeal with the target market.

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