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Civilex workplace is a project that exemplifies client engagement and collaboration. The client has staged the move of the office as part of a cultural transformation of the business and the brand.

Today, the staff, management and founders greet guests and family members with a new sense of pride as they share and show around their new workplace they call home.

Woven into the fabric of the design are their aesthetic industrial elements, which resonate with the engineering and civil focus of the company, but more importantly the threads of their family-orientated culture, well-being and a sense of belonging.

Key Features


This was a turning point for a small business that started with two founders and over the years grew into disjointed departments, teams and sub-companies. The challenge was bringing together all members of the organisation into one shared space where all of their processes are accommodated, building a unified workplace – tapping into the company\’s values.

The challenge was solved by understanding their corporate values and business workflows. We created a central breakout hub where food is shared, informal meetings are held and organic interactions naturally occur.

We carefully crafted different zones which facilitate meetings, project collaboration or deep work.


The designed workplace uses locally sourced materials that compliment the fit out, as this not only benefits our local industry, but also reduces the carbon footprint of the goods being delivered to site.

Floor to ceiling tilt doors in the open office area bring the feeling of an outside work environment indoors. On sunny days the large doors open up completely allowing employees working at their desks to enjoy natural air.


This project showcased exactly how thoughtful professional design can cater to the specific needs of a company, and improve not just the productivity of an office, but the company culture itself.


In what is now the open office, columns were scattered at various points. Positioning of workstations in unison with the columns was important as relocation or removing them would incur a large expense.

Instead of treating this as a problem, we turned them into a feature – where varied wall and floor surfaces were amplified and treated. We removed the ceiling all together and designed spaces to suit the column configuration.

The columns that remained were utilised as points where soft-wiring connected to banks of workstations. The
columns were painted black to appear complete as part of the workstation system.


The meeting rooms are all fully equipped so that only minimal materials need to be brought in. They feature electronic booking systems, conference call systems, and touch screen televisions that help streamline meetings. It was also ensured that despite the electronic integrations, proper cable management was maintained to keep the rooms neat and free of hindrance.

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