City of Melbourne x Pellegrini’s Commemorative Table Setting


  • Fabricator: JC Brown
  • Artist: Oslo Davis
  • Installer: Anthony Audino


Commemorating the life of Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar founder, Sisto Malaspina, the table setting celebrates Malaspina’s contributions and enduring legacy in the vibrant cafĂ© scene in Melbourne. Designed in consultation with Pellegrini’s, the setting allows visitors to enjoy a coffee or a meal and creates a more tangible way of connecting with Malaspina’s memory than a plaque or sign ever could. Featuring artwork by renowned Melbourne artist, Oslo Davis, the table is designed to reflect the interior of Pellegrini’s in a contemporary fashion. Employing durable and sustainable design techniques ensure the table serves its multitude of purposes for years to come.

Key Features


The functionality of the setting is evident in its ergonomic considerations and how it turns commemorative art into a functional product. The setting is fully DDA-compliant and features an opening in the seats for ease of access by all users.
The entire setting is made from durable stainless steel and designed for easy disassembly, refurbishment and recycling. The seat covers are made from recycled plastic and can be swapped out to ensure years of functionality.
The design reflects the interior style of Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar, combined with Melbourne’s understated yet high quality aesthetic.


Commemorative signs and plaques can often slowly fade and lose their impact. By turning Malaspina’s memory into a functional piece of furniture, people interact with it every day, allowing for a more direct connection to his values and keeping the spirit of his memory alive for years to come.
The setting employs circular design methodologies in that it is modular, easy to disassemble, and constructed from a single material that can be readily refurbished or recycled. The hard-wearing seat covers have been made from recycled plastic and can be fully recycled at the end of their lifespan.


The setting is the first of its kind, in combining commemorative art and public furniture in a way that complements and enhances the urban landscape of Melbourne. The fact that it was used daily before the COVID-pandemic speaks to the potential of combining priorities in this way. The result not only makes Malaspina\’s memory more tangible, but also reduces clutter and creates little pockets on our streets that add to the character, narrative and lived history of the city. Sisto Malaspina was a co-founder and co-owner of Pellegrini\’s, who tragically died in November 2018 in a terrorist attack on Melbourne.


Melbourne’s streets are dealing with an ever-increasing number of obstructions and clutter. By turning a commemorative item into a functional piece of furniture, street clutter is reduced and the experience of the location is enhanced. The success of the design opens up future opportunities for the integration of art and industrial design in novel ways, adding to the character of the city. The incorporation of local design, artwork and manufacturing also sets a sustainable precedent; much of the City’s standard furniture is designed in house, by City Design Studio industrial designers and manufactured locally within Metropolitan Melbourne.


The memorial is a perpetual invitation to Melbournians to take a moment to rest, to sit with Sisto and connect with friends or strangers. The City of Melbourne worked closely with the Malaspina family to plan and design the memorial as a fitting tribute to a well-known and much loved Melbournian.

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