Cinch Chair


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Cinch Chair – inclusive furniture that provides a delightful engagement for generations to enjoy together.

Beautiful parts, better together.

Key Features


The Cinch chair is designed to be a beautiful inclusive furniture experience; to consider the full life of furniture in the context of how we live today and impact the future. Cinch is designed as a system that addresses how we ship, build, use, upgrade, repair, and store the chair. Furniture brands position to be known for either quality or convenience – Cinch achieves both by pairing high quality design detailing with the ability to build and disassemble the chair without any tools.


Quality furniture typically requires a skilled craftsman to manufacture. We set out to create a chair that achieves the highest quality while allowing the consumer to enjoy assembling process.

Cinch is sold as a flat packaged kit that reduces shipping volume and does not require any tools to assemble. The main parts are made from sustainably forested or reclaimed wood and all parts can be replaced or upgraded over time.


The investment in professional design identified the opportunity to create a furniture system that balances quality with genuine interaction with furniture. Design-led approach changed furniture assembly from a frustrating task into a celebrated interaction. The design process revealed an opportunity to create an entire line of furniture that is currently expanding the business opportunity.


The intuitive method of assembly and disassembly became the core part of the Cinch chair experience. Throughout the concept phase, our team was challenged to simplify details and refine each part of the chair to have a targeted purpose and be beautiful. While at the same time we needed to be a delightful experience for everyone to enjoy time and time again. There was extensive collaboration between both design partners to transform how we connect with furniture for generations to come.

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