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Chisholm TAFE is one of Victoria’s leading public vocational education and training providers with over 40,000 students from 47 countries. It offers more than 250 certificate, diploma, bachelor and graduate certificate courses, either online or at locations predominantly throughout South East Melbourne, Victoria.

NOW Digital was recently enlisted by Chisholm Institute to undertake an extensive User Experience exercise as part of a larger re-platforming and redevelopment project.

Key Features


Simplying the experience

Chisholm\’s mandate was to facilitate a more flexible and accessible user experience, with the aim of “empowering the client”. Stripping the interface to a simple search or browse entry point with a progressive look and feel, without disengaging wider target audiences proved a challenge. The use of video on the homepage helped spread the touchpoints for students.

Blended team success

Working with an in-house marketing team relied on an open exchange of ideas and co-operation. Harnessing both our skills, was fruitful in getting the content rendering to all devices across the line.

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