Chin Communications Re-brand


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For over 20 years, Chin Communications has provided Chinese translation services across Australia. Our challenge was to refresh a well-recognised brand, built on millennials of history and pay homage to both the company’s founder Qin (pronounced “Chin”) Lushan as well as Qin Shihuangdi – China’s first emperor (秦).

Key Features


An identity uniting the brand’s past and future. The brand represents the positive aspects of Emperor Qin’s dynasty: innovation, self-belief and advancement. In particular, his influence on standardising currency and the construction of both the Terracotta Warriors and The Great Wall of China.

A logomark based on seal script (an ancient Chinese technique) complemented with modern typography. A palette of traditional colours adapted from the ancient Terracotta Warriors that, together, harmonise innovation and strength.


Other branding elements used throughout the collateral show various deconstructions of a cube to create line. By depicting shape as communication, we were able to represent the numerous and changing interpretations of language – a concept so integral to global translation.

Certain considerations were identified, and taken into account, to ensure successful implementation of a brand, and collection of business services, aiming themselves at a multicultural audience. For example, names should not be in red because, in ancient China, red titles were reserved for the dead, and particular white papers don’t sell in China because of their tones.

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