Chantelle Lucyl Tarola




Chantelle Tarola is a cross-disciplined artist that uses video, performance and traditional craftsmanship to analyse the social and hierarchal systems through fashion. Her critical approach draws upon questioning the roles of design within a process-based practise, combining social experimentation and unconventional methods to deconstruct and unfold cultural prejudices of surface identities. Her extensive research into materiality, bespoke techniques and performance sets her work aside from commercial fashion, producing one-off pieces that display the laborious experience of avant-garde design, making it accessible for everyone.

Key Features


Current Project
Coating Existence is an RMIT honours project that explores the archetype of a coat to unmask the prejudices in high fashion, using ‘time’ as a catalyst in the production and through the deconstruction of leather manipulated techniques. Dysfunctional processes of burning, melting, boiling and bleaching leather ironically subject each coat to transform into an expensive item ranging from $1,200 to $2,500 RRP. By questioning the processes using these unorthodox methods has led to exploring the artificial experiences that each coat delivers, providing an imposed inquisition on surface identities and the reconstruction of perceived notions on luxury items.

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