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The Change to Walking program was funded by VicHealth and delivered through Victoria Walks, partnering with the councils at Epping Views Primary School in the City of Whittlesea and Bourchier Street Primary School in the City of Greater Shepparton. The six-week program ran from early May to late June and used “nudges” (small simple prompts and incentives) to encourage students and families to walk, cycle or scoot at least one more day a week.

Key Features


Collaborating with VicHealth and Victoria Walks we created an engaging visual identity for students and parents, to walk to school, and to fit around their lifestyles and needs in an easy and risk reducing way. The visual language reflects the fun, interactive and accessible concept of the Change to Walking Program. Stemming from consultations with various stakeholders in co-design sessions, that involved the primary school students, parents and teachers.


The various graphical elements of the visual identity were used in a mix of ways when applied to the campaign posters, tote bags, badges, stationery, footpath signage. Through to the T-shirt designs which were worn by volunteers situated at various train stations discussing the benefits of walking.
A snapshot of the program results showed that 134 fewer cars were driven around schools, 84% of regular walkers are now walking even more, 81% of children were encourage to walk more because of the Change to Walking materials and 45% of children usually driven to school, are now walking to school!


The playful approach to the visual communication was effective in changing the behaviour of primary school students through to their parents. Creating those small simple prompts and incentives ( nudges), encouraged walking more and actively travelling to and from school.

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