Chadstone Signage and Wayfinding Design


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On the occasion of Chadstone’s $600m redevelopment, we were engaged to deliver a comprehensive wayfinding system. The system, based upon a ‘think like a customer’ strategy, has created a confidence in shopper behaviour.

The purpose built design solution is extended for entry, car park, centre wayfinding and all directional requirements.

A complete analysis of shopper behaviour was undertaken and the solution has contributed to a reduction in customer complaints across all touch points.

Key Features


Key communication features are as follows:
1. Transformation of the customer journey into one experience.
2. Understanding of customer decision making principles and development of communication strategies to meet customer needs.
3. Development of all informational requirements and design of purpose specific graphic directional aids.
4. Identification of opportunities to increase customer safety and centre operational efficiencies. (Short term parking, OHS, disability and service deliveries).


Key design features are as follows:
1. The design of the system was inspired by the intricate detailing of a perfume bottle and referenced in the centre\’s architectural elements.
2. Purpose built sign system as a tool box of sign elements.
3. All materials and finishes reflect the intent of providing a highly sophisticated impression.
4. Technology and all electronic and digital elements designed into the sign types.
5. The system is being implemented through other Vicinity Shopping Centres as a value add navigational aid.

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