Cetak Collection


  • Tsar Carpets


The Cetak Rug Collection pays homage to the aesthetic of Indonesian textiles. Whereas rug-making is traditionally a laborious and exact process, these designs challenge and celebrate the spontaneous. Drawing on the art of woodblock printing, where mis-registration and accidents are embraced, the Cetak designs focus on the beauty of serendipity, natural patterns and organic elements. The result is a raw, breezy and playful rug collection, perfect for contemporary and rustic inspired interiors alike.

Key Features


– Quality, feel, look and performance of hand-knotted rugs but are produced in a hand tufted technique, reducing both production time and cost.
– Sustainable (natural fibres including Silk and New NZ Wool)
– Easily customizable (any colour and size)
– Sophisticated new design technique using a blended and teethed gradation in manufacture
– Utilisation of hand over tufting technique to create sketch like lines in the design.

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