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Embodying art, sculpture and jewellery design, these personalised pendants involve a highly unique approach to one of a kind design.

Finding that perfect gift for that special someone that seems to have almost everything can be a tricky process. More often than not, it’s the hand made gifts that we remember. Ilion’s latest range is exactly that, a personalised fine jewellery collaboration between the recipient and the gift giver. Providing a sentimental approach to both design, the pictures we take and the objects we own.

Key Features


By selecting and uploading a photograph of you or your loved ones, our curated Jewellery Design team carefully sculpt using computer-aided design technologies to re-imagine your picture into a 3-Dimensional pendant. This enables the client to be part of the design process, reminiscing over past photographs and memories by giving new life to them.


3D printers combined with lost wax casting technology are used to create each piece. Our precious material comes from local Australian refineries which is ethically and responsibly sourced together with ensuring only the necessary material is spared in the creation of each piece.


People are at the forefront of this design process and why we do what we do. Customising and creating a sentimental piece of digitally made jewellery that can be worn and passed on for many generations to come.


Using computer aided design programs moving from design to production is easier and faster, as hand carving a precious one-off is no longer a requirement.

Lost wax casting technologies have been used in the jewellery industry for many years in jewellery production. The introduction and evolution of 3D wax printers have allowed a new level of design sophistication and detail to be achieved when printing and casting fine jewellery.

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