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After first developing CEC’s main website, we were asked to redevelop CEC’s member portal, which serves both CEC members and accredited installers of solar panels and small-scale wind and micro-hydro systems. This portal is a self-service area where organisations and sole traders can make use of complex solar performance calculators, pay for renewals, apply for additional accreditations, earn professional development points and manage their organisation and permissions. From training and accreditation details to job search, it’s the one-stop shop for clean-energy professionals.

Key Features


The self-service portal has various moving parts, with different membership and accreditation tiers as well as various rules regarding renewals, expiries and payments. The portal needed to be easily navigable and present information in a clear, concise way, as well as integrating with the GSES weather API to generate daily average temperatures for a location. This data is then used to perform complex calculations, based on user inputs, to generate a performance estimation sheet that can be downloaded by, or emailed to, an installer, saving members countless hours in manual calculation.


The development of the CEC Member Portal has had a tremendous impact on the important work done by CEC in driving renewable energy adoption at both a Victorian and national level. By equipping members and installers with fast, efficient tools and other resources, the portal contributes to the wider adoption of renewable energy and lower energy costs for consumers. By providing these small but powerful tools, the work of the CEC can actually have an incredible impact across Australia by accelerating renewable energy adoption, improving our national sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.


This project is a perfect example of bringing design thinking at an operational level to solve a challenging problem: how can we improve and accelerate solar energy adoption? This is not a flashy, consumer-facing website, but rather a powerful toolset providing critical support to CEC’s mission of accelerating renewable energy, which results in a better, cleaner and more sustainable society for all Australians. The sophisticated solar calculation tools are a best-in-class, market-leading feature that set an example – both in Australia and globally – of what can be achieved with modern tools and technical innovation.


This project was a new initiative and a substantial business risk for CEC and we started by analysing user research they’d done previously. Using this research, we built in tools, resources and functionality to help installers, including searchable jobs, calculators, diagrams and a customisable dashboard. The portal also features interactive diagrams, which are the centrepiece of the design. They’re used for assessing electrical specifications and panel orientation, allowing installers to simulate and validate system builds prior to installation. This reduces user errors, particularly for tradespeople already skilled in reading these kinds of diagrams.

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