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Christie Parksafe is the world leader in barbecues for use in unsupervised public spaces. Our new CCQ is the world\’s most advanced outdoor, commercial cooking appliance. It is designed to provide safe and efficient cooking in both enclosed and open public spaces. It differs from all previous appliances in that it is totally self-contained so the structure beneath it is no longer part of the cooking appliance, which is why it\’s called a \’cooktop\’, not just a hotplate. This not only improves safety and convenience for park patrons, it also gives designers enormous flexibility when designing for public open spaces.

Key Features


Our company established the park BBQ industry in 1974 and has remained the industry leader ever since through a policy of continuous improvement of our products and services. Our development program is built around incorporating extensive client feedback with the latest technological developments to deliver design improvements in the important areas of Safety, Hygiene, Efficiency and Reliability. In 2009 we moved from utilising external designers to an in-house product design and engineering division staffed with an experienced design engineer equipped with state of the art 3D CAD modelling software to develop the all new CCQ Series Parksafe BBQ range.


The establishment of an in-house design and engineering division has allowed closer control of the design development process whilst ensuring the designer is kept intimately aware of the customer’s needs within our company’s key design criteria. To meet current and future design requirements a clean sheet approach was required. Using 3D modelling software we trialled many different designs before selecting the design which best met our criteria. The resultant product is much more compact allowing efficient transportation; ease of handling and through its drop-in design able to be installed into a wide variety of structures giving landscape designers freedom to incorporate them into an overall landscape design.


CCQ’s patented safety features protect park patrons. Controls at the front and above the benchtop are easier to see and use – out of the reach of children. Audible alerts accompany any change in operating mode. A 6 second safety delay stops accidental starts. One multifunction button and one indicator light are simpler and safer to operate. A light flashes in ‘pre-heat’ mode while CCQ self-sterilises. A ‘STOP’ function saves energy. The raised hob stops heat being transferred to the bench while perforations allow heat to escape keeping the bench cool. A 100mm protection zone stops children reaching anything hot.


CCQ is designed for total HYGIENE. Outdoor cooking systems are exposed to the elements, a stream of visitors and even local fauna, so cleanliness is crucial. CCQ hotplates are pressed from a single sheet of high grade, non-porous stainless steel with no welds, creases or deep corners to trap food, germs or bacteria and the Bonded Dual-Layer Technology spreads heat more evenly across all corners of the hotplate and side walls so there are no cool spots. CCQ’s patented active control system with solid state temperature sensing componentry maintains the correct cooking temperature throughout the entire cooking cycle and is the only park BBQ to have automatic temperature control on both Gas and Electric models.


The new Australian designed and manufactured CCQ Parksafe BBQ has been warmly received by the marketplace resulting in a significant increase in sales. Its flexibility has opened new avenues of use and its drop-in design makes it easy for customers to upgrade old inefficient and unhygienic installations without having to completely rebuild the surround structures. The new world class design and our reputation for quality and reliability is also opening up export markets with agencies now established in New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden with many more in negotiation.

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