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CommBank’s Melbourne Pop Up Innovation Lab was in operation from 25 July- 1 September. Housed in the Collins Square precinct of the Docklands, Melbourne, the physical space demonstrates a series of digital interactives including social robotics, blockchain, cyber security, and big data.

The Pop Up Lab is a vibrant, open plan space that lives and breathes innovation and is designed to share insights and learnings on CBA’s innovation journey and culture.

The Pop Up Lab is equipped with a ‘garage’ where clients and employees join Innovation Managers for think tank sessions to solve their biggest challenges and co-design potential solutions.

Key Features


The Pop Up Lab has four key objectives and success measures: to further drive a culture of innovation through training CommBank’s employees and exposing them to design thinking and innovation mindset methodologies; deepening relationships with > 1500 business clients and partners through think tank workshops, tours, and events; rapidly exploring and testing new concepts; creating a space for the community and broader innovation ecosystem of VIC to come together.


The Pop Up Lab invites clients, employees and the community to engage in a series of thought leadership topics such as growth mindset, emerging technology, and innovation models and approaches.

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