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Catholic Ladies\’ College has always been a progressive and accomplished learning community.

Their story is one steeped in history, however it has, more recently, suffered from a decline in its rank and the perception that it is unwilling to adapt to a changing, increasingly competitive and well-branded educational landscape.

Key Features


In response to this the school worked with us to re-position the school and develop & realise a new identity, that authentically celebrates the purpose, spirit and opportunities at CLC.

We began by immersing ourselves in the world of this school. Spending time with the girls and staff, experiencing their day, and auditing their existing brand assets. From this depth of insight, we created rich brand territories to help the school explore what most defined them.


Once we’d identified their purpose – their inspiring ‘Why’ – re-articulating the brand values and personality naturally followed. We then applied this refreshed brand positioning to the school’s verbal and visual assets. With a huge sense of responsibility, we re-crafted its crest and logo, to achieve a subtle balance between tradition and modern appeal.


In the first few months after launch, the site saw an 75% increase in sessions, a 20% increase in time spent on site and 80% increase in the number of pages viewed. There are now more website enquiries, open day bookings and prospectus downloads.


Our approach for their new website combined a deep understanding of their audience with findings from mapping complex application journeys and auditing their previous site. The new website also performs a vital role in delivering the right brand experience to prospective parents, sharing rich stories, as well as triggering and guiding applications. It benefits from photography that we art-directed to capture the Why of the school on camera. This approach was reflected in the copy too, restyled and rewritten. Even the movement and transitions have been considered carefully to contribute to the overall experience.

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