• Cashtivity


Cashtivity is an innovative digital learning tool which teachers around the world use to teach students how to build a business & develop 21st century skills. Students love developing their ideas into products, learning how to sell and bank – engagement is completely transformed through real world learning. Imagine the possibilities if teachers brought a snippet of Cashtivity everyday into math, english and business/economics classes.

Key Features


Cashtivity is designed through the eyes of a child, to deliver a simplified version of how business works, in a way which is practical, engaging and fun.

Cashtivity provides teachers an easy to follow process for teaching business and 21st century skills. No instruction manual or training required. Just login, invite your students, use one of Cashtivity’s lessons or bring in your own!

Cashtivity supports project and inquiry based learning – so students learn by doing, creating and collaborating with their class mates. This teaches the essential 4C skills of communications, critical thinking and decision making, making learning real and engaging.

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