Carter Lovett Bistro


  • Andrew Ashton Design
  • Megan Hounslow Design
  • Maas & Co


A café / bistro identity that is a story. Carter Lovett a café come bistro in Elsternwick, in south-east Melbourne, opened December 2019.

Key Features


The projects was centred around leading with design excellence. Every touch point from menu, to interior, food and offer, furniture, to signing was an experience the idea of Victorian heritage with a contemporary twist.


Developed over 18 months this project began as a site visit. The landmark building was a key piece of information, which constantly invited us back to dig a little deeper and rediscover its stories.

In the 1890s a draper worked across the road from a florist. From this coincidence a narrative of paradox was born: past and present, woven and grown, made and natural, Victorian and post modern, along with a name.

The past and present fly in and out of the work like exotic parrots, where flashes of garden meet photocopied noise, hand sewn meet digital blended pastiche.

From day 01 Carter Lovett has felt like it has always been there, with scores of friends and peers sharing breakfast, lunch or an evening meal.

Behind this project is a wonderful client, that puts design, creativity and the journey of making something great at the centre their process.


This $1million project has been opened in it full capacity for 2 month and shut down due to Covid.


The project was a seamless collaboration of all design disciplines – brand, interiors, furniture, designing thinking led the design process putting local customers at the centre of the experience. Given the impact of Covid, our efforts can only account for $70k a week turnover from its first week until lockdown shut it down.


Project outputs:

Place making
Customer mapping
Communication pillars
Brand and image making
Menus and printed matter
Web / socials

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