• Mohammadalmas Surti
  • RMIT Masters of Design Innovation and Technology Students
  • Tutors: Alisa Andrasek, Ryan Pennings


Caroline is Higher Resolution Bench which is designed to break monotonous aesthetic of the bench. It’s an approach which dictates that Bench can be perceived as a sculptural tool. Beauty of design increases value of space even while it’s non-functional. Design contains lot of which generates diverse human response. Angular form represents hegemony while transparent material reflects rainbow effect on the every edge which beautify design on it’s notch.Caroline is made by controlling particle system which can help us bringing idea of Higher resolution within the furniture and simultaneously provide the comfort that makes it more unique piece of art.

Key Features


Caroline is a Hybrid design which is made by human and beautified by nature. The design contains uncountable variation within a form which can control human responses.It’s created by controlling particle system and its Growth which gave modified pixels of a whole form. It’s an approach to break the linearity of a solid bench by adding more voids without neglecting comfort. Material is PETG plastic to maintain compression and tension load of the structure, while plastic is poor taking shear force so compression load is increased by the time that it nullified the shear force which challenges all structural challenges.


Caroline got 3d printed and exhibited in the exhibition of RMIT and also was placed in Docklands harbour. Form of the bench attracted people pixelate bed allowed them to observe design before sitting and after sitting the comfort amazed them. Apart from human response it’s structural beauty enhances the value of space. While function it serves functionality and while it’s not functional it becomes a beauty element within space. In Urban furniture Caroline has impact to start a new initiative which can change the perception of bench among people.


Design can be transformed in 3 ways : By changing functionality ( bench to table), By making it to run as a supportive functional member (Mug and handle) and Increasing beauty of an object. In context of public bench beautifying was the only choice. For unique design : attraction, movement, structural challenge, Sculptural value and Functionality is mandatory. Angular look was given to produce attraction ,Twist was given to portray movement,Structural rotation was given to challenge all loads of structure, Voids are given to break regularity and add sculptural values, and scale was made according to density for serving Functionality.


Design is made of particle growth which is pixelated detailing within design, twisted and rotated form to challenge structural challenges for stability. It’s an urban furniture which keeps changing it’s effect because of multiple reflective edges with sunlight throughout the day and keep adding and generating different response. It’s an intervention which is functional but it has sculptural values which make it precious and has capacity to engage audience. Being functional it serves the rare task of beautifying the area.


Caroline has a sculptural value which make it stable while form represents movement which creates amazing combination of stability and movement, In sun light it’s transparent material reflects shades of Purple to Pimk to White and all edges gets converted in rainbow reflection which enhances it’s beauty and make it supremely attractive. It was placed in Docklands for Public use and got extremely positive response and it’s still placed in Knowledge market of RMIT.

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