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During COVID-19 we have experienced a rapid change in our usual support networks. While before we were able to build networks regardless of geography, life under lockdown showed that these networks alone cannot always provide the immediate support we need.

CareMonger was created to offer a safe place where people can connect with others nearby for a favour or a friend.

A location-based messaging app, CareMonger offers a way to come together by making it simple for people to ask for a hand, offer help and connect with locals in their community.

Key Features


Inspired by the caremongering movement in Canada we saw the opportunity to create a platform that gives Australians a place to safely share, and receive, simple acts of kindness.

In just two weeks we were able to quickly validate our ideas then design, build and launch the app.

The app is incredibly easy to use, guiding users through the process of reaching out for help or assisting others.

We built in safeguards to give users the power to control how visible they are, consent to any interactions and ultimately feel safe within the CareMonger community.


The global crisis created by COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the world we live in. For many, the concept of social distancing or self-isolation is stressful, confusing and scary – particularly for more vulnerable groups of society.

CareMonger was created to positively help the community during a time where there is so much uncertainty. Since launch we’ve had thousands of downloads and heard some wonderful stories of people helping others in their neighbourhood.

We’ve recently been testing the product with Red Cross Volunteers in New Zealand, creating a custom badge to display on their profiles.


We are proud of the positive impact we’ve been able to achieve by creating a complete product with minimal time and budget. By sharing resources and offering a helping hand, we’ve found much-needed solidarity, support and friendship right within our own neighbourhoods.

As lockdown laws ease, this new community spirit and sense of connection will remain as important as ever. We hope CareMonger can continue to help strengthen community ties post-COVID and beyond.


With social distancing and self-isolation rules enforced across the country, CareMonger uses location-based technology to enable people to connect with others living nearby.

After posting requests or offers to help, users can then start exchanging direct messages through the platform.

Post launch we continued to optimise the product, learning from user behaviour and feedback. We introduced simple categories, such as ‘running errands’ or ‘a friendly chat’ to help connect people who needed assistance or wanted to help.


See people nearby – connect with locals within 10km and know a helping hand is never far away.

Ask for a hand – post a request for assistance.

Lend a hand – reach out to those who need a hand nearby through the app.

Start a conversation – accept requests to chat and make new connections.

Stay safe – build a trusted local network and choose who you interact with.

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