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Convenience Advertising (CA) was born in May 1984 to narrowcast messages to people at risk of HIV/AIDS via the A4 static sign format in bathrooms at key dwell points, which include; cubicle, urinal, hand-dryer and entry-exit locations.

CA now advertises over 8,000 health messages addressing depression, anxiety, cancer, psychostimulant use, sexual health, responsible gambling…

Captivision is a world-first Digital Out of Home advertising platform offering real-time audience data, via custom IR counter technology and algorithm.

This digital screen is positioned above hand-dryers and in entry/exit points, in premium and high-traffic airports (Sydney Domestic and International terminal) and retail shopping

Key Features


A minimalist modern look, privileging the message. Simple to navigate engagement options, minimal physical impact yet at the same time breaking out from the archetypal ‘radiused rectangle’ of screens, having a unique ‘baby bump’ which houses the NFC reader and audience counter technology.

– placed in high-dwell time environments (in the bathroom), Captivision delivers real-time true proof-of-performance data – we count the number of patrons
– audience-specific deep data: gender, demography, geography, reach, engagement,
– male, female bathrooms and parent rooms for gender and dwell segmentation
– delivers a minimum unprompted recall rate of 70%
– engagement is optimised via bi-directional NFC interaction with smart phones


The Captivision unit combines the cellular network; Near Field Communications and specific software to deliver a gender appropriate message in a high dwell time locations.

The tested engagement opportunity offers real-time, inventory accessibility data that has changed the game in DOoH media. Metrics intelligence, customer journey mapping and preferences with granular demographic and engagement data has lifted the ROI significantly.

It is a category first. Measuring the audience; how many actual people are exposed to a Prostate Cancer message, measured in true real-time.

Engagement; how many people waved their mobile to pick up health information, and/or sent an SMS as a result of seeing the Prostate Cancer message is measured in true and real-time.


Charlwood has designed Captivision to diversify our media offering, as the interactive platform allowing for a flexible and targeted messaging solution.

Bundled with our classic static offering, it aids Convenience Advertising to stay true to their unrivalled 70% unprompted recall guarantee.

The built-in audience count technology is a DOoH first, as Captivision can provide proof-of-performance for each campaign, as the audience measurement is reported in real-time.

This extensive data allows for extremely comprehensive reporting, which identifies the campaign-specific Cost Per Thousand (CPM) and audience reach for each screen location and bathroom environment.


Unlike off the shelf units, Captivision has the following features:

– Each CaptiVision screen has in-built audience measurement capabilities to ensure campaign reach is measured on bathroom audience in real-time
– NFC enabled screens for digital engagement
– No visible antennas (2 for the 4G wireless communications)
– No visible venting for air flow
– No visible power cabling
– No holes for water ingress
– No grip points to allow vandalism
– No dirt traps for cleaning

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