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A robust but elegant freestanding firewood and kindling storage unit.  To be locally constructed (in collaboration with Jason Anderson of Chalkhorse Fabrication & Design) from a combination of Corten and blackened steel.

Designed for a specific residential alfresco location that had recently been constructed, the form followed safety and stability as uppermost considerations.  Instinctively (subconsciously)  drawing inspiration from my love of ancient classic architecture, I designed Capsule as a timeless form that transcends fads and trends.  I guess its my contemporary interpretation on a classical Roman arch.

Key Features


There is scope to broaden Capsules capabilities to include a minimalist aesthetic sealed clear perspex flap door if the users so wish to weather proof from rain (and redbacks and other spidy’s) gaining entry.

Although it is still early days, I quickly realised that Capsules pleasing form could transcend from outdoor to interior use (to include a thick felt pad to be attached to underside of baseplate) to be customised for interior décor with powder coated colours, and or laminates and dimensionally scaled up or down either custom sized, or set size ranges (or both).


Initially, capsule would be (locally) produced at small scale quantity, not only for budgetary considerations, also to gauge consumer interest. The prototype for my design to be constructed from 3mm steel with a 5mm thick base plate (felt pad attached to the underside of the base for indoor models).

In addition to a couple of close friends and family, my design has so far received high praise from an engineer of over 35 years experience, and a landscape architect, both who’s opinions, I hold in high regard.


The local fabricator I will be collaborating with to construct the first Capsule unit, Jason Anderson (Chalkhorse Fabrications and Design) tells me he thinks my design is excellent and can’t wait to commence its construction.


While the dimensions of Capsule were initially informed by its intended location, it’s eventual form was arrived at to firstly answer function related design challenges, to store firewood and kindling for a nearby Firepod (by Dean Roach), which then led to a desire for a simple but effective design expression.

A clean curved form which by its nature, also helps rainwater run-off. Structural stability and additional storage capacity was achieved by the addition of flanking the lower sections vertical side panels either side of the circular upper section.


I have initial thoughts that Capsule can also store books, scented candles or patio plants (as a portable vertical garden). I have some exciting ideas to further develop aesthetics and other functional aspects of Capsules design.

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