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Cappellazzo Couture specialises in wedding gowns, Red Carpet gowns and exclusive ready to wear. We believe in making every experience when wearing our designs a magical moment for all clients. We are solely made and designed here in Melbourne, Australia, and have been for 23 years. Our focus on using sustainable beautiful fabrics to create exquisite designs that truly make our clients feel and look amazing is our focus. The artisan foundation to our designs encourages our development of luxury pieces and captures with a global appeal.

Key Features


Cappellazzo is a luxury Melbourne made Label. Designing and manufacturing our collections on a commercial scale but with the advantage of utilising our artisan heritage. An elevated and precise design direction enhancing all the bespoke skills that we have been fortunate to foster and sustain within our atelier. Our gowns are designed to capture timeless beauty and sophistication with modern elements. We are always trying to evolve exclusively designed and hand tooled fabrication from all over the world as well as sourcing locally to support our local industries. We support reducing landfill, creating quality over consumption, but with design excellence.


Cappellazzo being solely made and designed here in Melbourne Australia we support and believe in locally made products. Being bespoke we do not support Fast Fashion world. It is our belief that when you buy quality design measured with fabrications that feel exciting and sculptures you perfectly, you embrace a newfound appreciation and perspective. Everything we make is created here in Melbourne with our dedicated and talented group of artisans. When clients come to Cappellazzo they know they are supporting a local business who take great pride in reducing material waste with innovated ways and techniques to create beautiful gowns and bespoke pieces. We are always wanting to support and merge our skills with our likeminded Melbourne businesses by creating relationships and working together to build and create gowns and fabrications that protect the environment whilst taking Cappellazzo to a global clientele.


Cappellazzo encourages our design applications to transform the old school skills with the new modern direction by innovation of dissecting our patterns and manufacturing skills together. We find the excitement of the old , we unravel the history of the design and then transform them into a current piece when worn with pride excites our clients not only to feel beautiful, but also we note a sense of respect and longevity with our pieces. Transforming our precision of bespoke artisan skills converging into a refined commerciality is exceptionally rewarding as a business but as a label that is desired nationally and globally. We want to elevate our history , our foundations and passions further with recognition of this capacity to encourage clothes to be respected . Being authentic to our core and our belief is essential for steady growth and respect within our ever changing industry. Now is the time to transform with skills and commitment to our art.


As a bespoke design house, we want to push the boundaries of innovation. We are constantly testing new techniques to re imagine or create new and interesting design elements fused with artisan and traditional skills. We work with unexpected fabrications with a modern twist that we evolve our traditional designs. We are always collaborating and creating with our client to ensure the design is meeting their needs and extend their expectations. It is a considered process in capturing the true essence of evolving the ateliers vertical operation. Creativity can explore, explode, enrich and be individually setting trends driven within our world of Cappellazzo.

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