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Located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Cape Schanck Olive Estate is a small family owned and operated farm that grow and produce 5 unique single varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Since their first harvest in 2012 they have received over 50 awards both internationally and nationally, that recognise their oils as some of the best in the world. Despite these successes, the existing brand and packaging was failing to entice consumers to purchase the oil.

Key Features


Keeping the foundations of the existing identity, we set about creating a uniquely Australian design that would function more appealingly within their local region’s two-speed economy; the everyday consumer and tourism.

With similarities to the wine industry, we incorporated a classic use of iconography, typography and colour to educate the consumer on the 5 lesser-known olive varieties.

And adding to the existing 500/250mL range, we introduced a 3x100mL Gift Box and a wrapping-paper for bottles, and also up-cycled products like Olive Soap. The outcome to date has seen an ongoing increase in quarterly sales and brand recognition.


The Olive Soap was developed with a ‘recycle / up-cycle’ mentality, with the soap made from 100% Olive Oil and handmade by soap makers Olieve & Olie. The packaging re-cycled the existing wrapping-paper we designed for the bottles. And the sleeve label was printed on existing translucent stock also used within existing packaging.

100% of proceeds raised from the sale of the soap goes towards supporting charities helping rural communities affected by natural disaster and mental health issues. The first batch, raised a total of $1250 and was donated directly to Blaze Aid, supporting farmers affected by bushfires in Bunyip, Victoria.

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