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In February 2020 more than 100 street artists, galleries and musicians descended on Kensington’s multi-level warehouse space, The Facility, for Can’t Do Tomorrow. T-world’s Eddie Zammit was engaged as art director for the branding. After visiting the site, it was obvious that the entire event was going to be comprised of many small parts, all forming a much bigger picture. T-world engaged Travis Price to help visualise and roll-out key illustrations. The branding was translated in both analogue and digital outcomes.

Key Features


Each illustration represented a small part of the event – whether it be a literal idea or a quirky one. Art, food and music all needed to be represented. In addition, we also added roosters and chickens as they were living in the empty warehouse at the time when everything was being prepared.


The design was widely accepted and successfully received. Travis’s illustration style is relevant for the culture it was representing. The tag style logo created by Kevin Gold, was a reference to the heart of the event – the graffiti sub-culture.


As with the actual space of the event, the branding was used and developed over time to help build a story about the festivities on offer. This helped engage a captivated audience and spoke largely to a cynical demographic. The branding was therefore memorable.


The design was broken down and translated across a wide range of collateral. A successful result was the merchandise – which featured individual elements of the branding. The red and black colour way chosen, reflected the energy and pace of the street savvy culture it was representing.


• The branding was used to communicate the bigger picture of the event
• The event included exhibitions, installations and talks
• The event hosted 15,000+ visitors

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