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Creating a better life for children living with cancer.

Developing an online experience, with life, hope and optimism at it\’s heart, supporting people at an extremely difficult time.

Key Features


After extensive consultation, Butterfly developed a stunning responsive website that speaks to all Camp Quality\’s stakeholders; children, parents, health and education professionals, volunteers, donors and staff.

Our unique program finder uses tags to categorise programs according to user needs, so regardless of the motivation for visiting the site, there is a simple way to navigate to program information that is right for each user.


The vibrant design and stunning photography make this site a delight to experience, telling the story of the organisation and all the people it supports, in a joyful and optimistic way that is aligned with Camp Quality\’s values and goals.


Completing 1000+ hours of work and delivering a site of this complexity and size in just five months was certainly a challenge and this team (both client and agency) worked wonderfully together to achieve a level of polish and perfection that makes us all incredibly proud.

Feedback has been astonishingly positive from all stakeholders, including an uptick in donations!


Moving to a responsive site lead to a 345% increase in mobile traffic, and overall a 27% increase in average time on each page, proving our success at increasing engagement through the design and content on the site.

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