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The bathroom grab rail is a visually simple product though it carries many complexities both socially and regulatory. Aged care has been neglected and as a result products like grab rails are seen as clinical, depressing products avoided until a serious injury occurs. Avail took a new approach to bathroom grab rail and shower seat design ensuring our homes can accommodate our ageing population without compromising on style. Bathrooms are the most dangerous area of the house resulting in thousands of serious injuries each year due to falls. Our Calibre grab rail has become a desirable bathroom accessory.

Key Features


Strict Australian standards limit the design for public buildings and occupational therapists come with their own specific criteria before they will approve a grab rail in a clients home. The customer also has a deep negative stigma associated with the grab rail relating to sickness and a decline in living standards. By working closely with the therapists, standards and end user feedback we addressed all constraints. Calibre grab rails are approved to AS1428.1 and are endorsed by leading Australian Occupational therapist organisations. Our customer feedback has been uplifting and positive with customers finding a renewed sense of optimism.


We are helping break down the social segregation between our elderly, disabled and the general community. Good design has the ability to dignify, and our customer feedback has shown we have achieved this with the Calibre rail, customers are no longer embarrassed or depressed to have a grab rail installed in their home. We have minimised production processes and used local manufacturing techniques where possible, we have been able to polish stainless steel using a new process which makes it visually extremely close to Chrome greatly reducing the toxic chemicals that are used during electroplating Chrome.


The Calibre grab rail was the first of many designs. Avail is now building a strong product design team and we run a yearly design project with Swinburne University as a source of innovative fresh ideas and to raise awareness of the need for design and innovation in aged care and disability products. We were awarded a Autodesk social partner program in 2020 allowing us to further our design capability here in regional Victoria. We continue to work closely with carers and retailers to ensure our products are both ergonomic and attractive to customers of all ages and abilities.


The major features requested during research included; customization, installers retrofitting existing bathrooms, requirements for the AS1428.1 Design for access and mobility. Plus the main issue being current designs were not attractive. We determined the rounded minimalist shapes would suit leading tapware designs. The modular design is unique in that its size and shape can be customised to suit the standard and Occupational Therapists can specify rails to their clients exact requirements. Our internal mounting bracket is a world first and allows for the flangeless minimalist design whilst still being modular with the installer able to modify on site.


The Calibre design elevates the grab rail from a necessity to a desirable bathroom accessory. Australian made and with a registered design right we are proving locally made is not just viable but essential to providing the wide range of personalised options with short lead times.
We have partnered with quality home modification installers and retailers Australia wide to ensure the install process is simple and painless.
The Calibre style receives regular praise not only from end-users but also from Architects, building managers, NDIS plan managers and international retailers. An elegant solution to life’s home challenges.

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