Cabot’s Ready Bucket


  • Birdstone Collective
  • Dulux Group
  • NCI Packaging


Dulux Group engaged Birdstone to design a new product that simplifies deck maintenance for everyday Australians. The Cabot’s Ready Bucket fuses the functionality of a decking application bucket, with the convenience of a tin of oil.

The design acts as both secure packaging for the product and also the container from which the user applies the product. The container holds decking oil in a safe and secure format — from filling, through the supply chain, into store and at home with the user. It reduces complexity at every stage of the user experience – minimising mess, improving value and reducing waste.

Key Features


The Cabot’s Ready Bucket streamlines the process of oiling a deck. Replacing the need to purchase a separate tin and bucket, it eliminates waste generated when pouring oil between them. Developed in collaboration with NCI Packaging, our solution offers consumers significant value compared to the traditional alternative.

A tamper-evident, integrated seal keeps the highly viscous decking oil from leaking during transport. An internal pad-off platform works with both applicators and rollers, while internal channels guide oil back into the base for future use.

An integrated base skirt provides stability whilst allowing the bucket to slide around the deck easily during application.


The Cabot’s Ready Bucket offers greater commercial value and an improved environmental footprint compared to a traditional tin can and application bucket. The product is optimised with enough oil for the average Australian deck, however, leftover oil can be stored for future use.

The secure rubber gasket provides a reliable, airtight seal, reducing leakage and minimising waste in the supply chain. Product waste is minimised by removing the need to decant oil into a tray, while the designs pad-off channels ensures oil is saved for use. The bucket can be reused as an applicator tray every season or fully recycled after use.


The Cabot’s Ready Bucket offers consumers compelling value versus the traditional alternative. Compared to the cost of purchasing a separate tin and application tray, the Ready Bucket offers a 30% saving per litre of oil.

Designed to use existing tin pail filling lines, the implementation of the design on the production line required minimal process changes. The manufacturing of container and lid was done in existing injection moulding machines by NCI Packaging in Victoria.

This design has been successful where many imported options failed and has the potential to be implemented across the Dulux range or extended into other categories.


The convenience of the Ready Bucket enables consumers, who may otherwise find the process too daunting, to tackle the task of oiling a deck themselves. The Cabot’s Ready Bucket is light and easy to carry due to its low centre of gravity — ultimately assisting stability and ensuring the bucket can be slid around the deck in a controlled manner.

The pad-off platform encourages even oil application while the footwell enables the consumer to slide the bucket simply during use. The skirt and recessed sections increase strength and provide carry points for transport.

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