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The Cabot\’s Deck Hand is a multi-function bucket designed specifically for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts, applying protective decking oil to outdoor timber decking and other timber structures. A world first, this single product accommodates the complete range of tasks necessary for regular decking maintenance; from preparation and cleaning through to application of decking oils and stains. An articulating, dual function drainage tray accommodates user requirements during the two key phases of a decking job; preparation, and application.

Key Features


Design Excellence
The Cabot’s Deck Hand is designed specifically for use in applying decking oil to timber decks and outdoor timber furniture. It is the first product of its kind in the world; a targeted niche solution meeting a previously unmet need for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts carrying out regular decking maintenance. Before Deck Hand, users had to make do with traditional buckets and paint roller trays that were awkward and frustratingly inefficient when used for decking applications which involve a cleaning step and larger volumes.


Design Transformation
The Deck Hand has been designed and marketed in Australia in a strategic partnership between CobaltNiche and Cabot’s. Using Cabot’s unique market insights, CobaltNiche have developed a specialised product that balances user needs, manufacturability, sustainability, marketability, and price point considerations in a finely-targeted product. The rapid design and development programme allowed Cabot’s to quickly meet market opportunities, with the product taking only 12 months to go from first sketch to Bunnings shelves throughout Australia. The Deck Hand is manufactured in Australia by Gamsee, ensuring high product quality and supply chain responsiveness.


Design Impact
DuluxGroup’s leading woodcare brand Cabot’s dominates the interior and exterior woodcare oil, coatings and preparation categories. Deck Hand responds to the challenge of achieving additional sales by; meeting an unmet need; complementing the core product range and further strengthening the brand message.


Design Innovation
The Deck Hand is designed to make decking maintenance easier and faster: • 15 litre capacity holds enough oil to coat the average Australian deck. • Wide opening allows an oil applicator pad to be fully submerged parallel with the bucket’s base. • Short stature provides a low centre of gravity, perfect for pushing the product along the deck with the designated foot hold. • Articulating drainage tray; folded down for deck preparation and folded up to drain excess oil during application. • Caddying of accessories like brushes for finer finishing, even long handled scrub brooms can be securely rested across the bucket.


Design Process
CobaltNiche team members were sent to the shops and then home with Cabot’s and competitor products to experience deck maintenance first hand!
Experiencing and observing the user experience gave us insights that proved to be catalysts for novel solutions which otherwise would have been unlikely to have been considered; from point of purchase to cleaning up after a decking job.

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