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Butterfly design great websites. But our own needed an overhaul. It was time for a redesign to a site that focuses on showcasing what we can do and demonstrates the innovative, cutting edge and generally mad skills of our design and development teams. The best way to do this? A modern design in a responsive layout that looks equally fabulous on something as big as a TV or something as small as your mobile phone.

Key Features


Design transformation – A showcase of our work

It needed to be obvious that great design and technical innovation are Butterfly’s specialty. Clean and minimal was the goal, allowing our work to stand out and speak volumes to marketing managers (our primary target audience). Our work appears front and centre on the home page, simplifying the navigation process to our case studies section.

A complete re-write of our site was undertaken to create more engaging copy. This highlighted to both existing and potential clients that as a digital agency, we are adept at problem solving in the online space.


Design innovation – Responsive layout

Responsive design requires adherence to a strict grid system. Elements are anchored to this so that the site can adjust to the user’s screen size with apparent seamlessness.

Collaboration and communication between the design and development teams is key in delivering a successful responsive website – decision making needs to be undertaken by both parties from the beginning to ensure all functionality is feasible during the transition from design to build.

Our new site is a case study in itself; exemplifying the exceptional work we’re capable of producing for our clients.


Design impact – Find what you’re looking for

Drop down menus feature roll over functionality, providing the user with additional information to enhance usability.

Clear, bold statements appear at the top of every page to communicate the Butterfly message. The case study carousel rotates in addition to scaling thumbnail images. This is unique and complex functionality that assists users to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for and engage with our work on any device.


Design excellence – Enhanced functionality

One of the unique selling points of working with Butterfly is the ongoing in-house support that we offer our clients. Keeping this point of difference in mind, we designed our help centre to be more intuitive. It looks like a dashboard, with large, tactile icons separating each section. Upon click, content is revealed beneath each section heading. This saves space on the page, by including only necessary content, specific to the user’s requirements.

Our services pages have been individually designed, and utilise an anchored menu allowing ease of navigation on longer pages.

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