• Edwin Ang
  • Nick Roche
  • Sarah Lin
  • Jing Tang
  • Digital Media, RMIT University


Budgie mobile application is an exciting way to keep track of your personal budget. The app is designed to make budgeting easy, something anyone can master, no matter how much experience they have with managing finances. Combining fun and interactivity, budgeting will no longer be a chore.

Key Features


A feature that sets Budgie apart from other budgeting app is the expressive Budgie character. Budgie’s mood changes depending on your current budget balance. Combined with the balance meter, this becomes a quick visual indicator of your current budgeting balance.

The purpose of this feature is to help users to make better budgeting decision through strong visual indicator in Budgie’s expression.


Budgie allows you to set a goal every month. The goal set will be shown as a flag on the balance meter in relation to the amount of income added.

The primary purpose of this feature is to encourage users to save. It also serves as a quick yet strong visual indicator of how much they users have left to spend, therefore, making better budgeting decisions.


Moreover, Budgie’s interactive pie chart displays the user’s expenditure according to their respective categories.

This allows the user quickly view their expenditure in a specific category.

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