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TB Australia lowers barriers to entry for prospective telecommunications and hosting providers. The business offers white-labelled provider services, allowing clients to concentrate their efforts on customer acquisition and retention. BTB engaged us to transform their website into a marketing asset that delivered a comprehensive and engaging user experience, positioning BTB as a trustworthy, reputable, and leading brand in the market. Operating in a highly competitive niche market makes differentiation all the more important, and we devised a digital solution that simplified navigation, reinforced key messaging, and allows users to quickly locate information and products most relevant to them.

Key Features


BTB boasts a number of appealing competitive advantages over others in the niche market: beyond its broader range of service offerings, BTB has an unparalleled data network and healthy relationships with the likes of Telstra and Optus. Where before BTB relied on word of mouth and referral business to capture leads, we gave these advantages prominent feature on the website to showcase its strong market standing. Recognising not all prospects would have advanced sector knowledge, we adopted a tone that struck an appropriate balance between technical and accessible.


It was critical to convey BTB’s quality of service, positioning the business as the premium choice given its position at the forefront of technology. We also saw this as an opportunity to foster feelings of trust and reliability. To accomplish this, we commissioned an introductory background video and positioned that alongside a selection of key case studies and other forms of social proofing.


Research revealed BTB’s target audience to be heavily skewed to male, between 30 and 50 years old, and either a SME owner or an IT or Product Manager for a large organisation. This group recognise and appreciate high-quality digital and IT solutions, but are often time poor and need to quickly “get” BTB and its service offering. We encouraged flow and movement by incorporating subtle parallax effects and smooth transitions to promote a sense of fluidity.


The homepage is structured with the intent of introducing the company and its key selling points, ensuring users (often the decision makers themselves) are exposed to the highest order features and benefits. Compelling microcopy leads the user through this messaging, and bold imagery and typography capture and retain attention.

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