Brown Brothers x George Rose


  • George Rose
  • Brown Family Wine Group
  • Eddie Zammit


Brown Brothers created an art series bottle by artist George Rose for their King Valley Prosecco for late 2019. Brown Brother’s home in the King Valley is famous for everyone’s favourite bubbles. Sparkling wine is all about celebrating, and with Prosecco comes no pretence other than to be popped, poured and enjoyed year-round. The artwork adorning and printed directly on the actual glass was a reflection of the colour and feel of the wine itself. George has been the first artist to design the bottle with her own art.

Key Features


Paying homage to the Australian landscape using a limited earthy colour palette, George’s design was sold as a collector’s item. The colours chosen were limited to cater for the unique printing method used by Brown Brothers. Her signature use of bright colours is evident on the bottle design, as well as the accompanying campaign. Eddie Zammit translated the artwork based on George’s design for the key packaging.


The impact of the design was an important selling point and integral to the success of the product. George’s label helped move over one million bottles of the Brown Brother’s King Valley Prosecco wine – across Australia and New Zealand. As a result, Brown Brothers has maintained it’s major share of the marketplace in this category and is seen to be innovative by its loyal clientele.


One of the unique selling points for the Brown Family Wine Group was to engage a female artist – to help make their bottle stand-out in the marketplace. Using George’s profile and rise in the mural art scene, she was also able to paint some walls adorning her art. The design was translated across to a strong marketing campaign.


The printing technique was a first for the rising trend in the Prosecco wine category. The artwork was meticulously printed directly onto the glass, one colour at a time. The printing method was chosen as a way of cutting down on the use of plastics previously used on their bottles. Emma Brown, Marketing Manager at Brown Brothers says, “George’s artwork has helped our Prosecco really stand out in a competitive market.”


• George is the first artist to create a bottle label for Brown Brothers
• Over one million bottles were sold, using her design

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