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Expert design and installation of comfort systems is essential to ensuring optimum operation, performance and energy efficiency. Brivis, makers of heating and cooling systems, have created Brivisize™ software, enabling system designers to accurately select the perfect Brivis heating or cooling appliance for virtually any residential application. Brivisize™ encompasses a responsive website and mobile app, facilitating a seamless user experience across multiple devices. Brivisize provides all of the sizing, load information and equipment selection needed to design Brivis brand comfort systems. It also compares energy running costs across a range of products, enabling users to make informed decisions on system selection.

Key Features


(1) Productivity
Mobility and interactivity allows users to work from home, at the office, in customers’ homes, or in collaboration with other trades. Users can create or end tasks in different locations – on their desktop, tablet or smart phone. Brivisize is perfect for designers who need to generate reliable and accurate information quickly.


(2) Performance and Function
Thermal loads are calculated using Australian geographic climate data. Users select a location by postcode, and input information such as building construction and dimensions. The output includes equipment capacity recommendations and sizing information needed to specify and design a Brivis heating or cooling system for a specific residential application. The system can then be customised to suit the occupants’ requirements.


(3) Process Integration
When integrated into the consultation process, Brivisize not only streamlines the design and equipment selection process, it is also used as means of communication with home owners. The summary output of Brivisize is shared with the home owner, providing a level of assurance in both the designer, and by the backing of the system design by the manufacturer of the product.


(4) Commerciality
A significant number of users have adopted Brivisize over other the traditional manual methods. Through an intuitive interactive interface that provides accurate and reliable outputs on which they can design and specify heating or cooling systems, Brivisize offers users a unique competitive advantage, unmatched by rivals in the residential heating and cooling sector.

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