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Judo Capital is challenging the one size fits all approach to transform business lending for Australia’s SME businesses. The design response crafted by KHID for their flagship HQ is one of innovation, authenticity and warmth.

Judo believe every business is unique and should be treated that way. Working together with their broker partners, they prioritise time with each and every customer to build an unrivalled understanding of every aspect of their business and find solutions that are genuinely right for them.

KHID’s design challenges the traditional face of lending and creates a space that characterises and reinforces Judos personal approach.

Key Features


KHID have created a space where work meets life, nurturing people interacting with people, not a space to just meet and work.

Creating an office for a start-up on a large scale requires dedication to working to budget and considered planning. Creating flexible spaces to support multiple purposes with the ability to adapt for future growth was a key component of the design.

The entry zones flexible use as a reception, collaborative meeting space, staff breakout, client function and training space has allowed Judo to perform all the functions they require upfront without leasing dedicated space for each purpose.


As a business lending start-up, it’s important that the new office demonstrated Judo’s dedication, stability and commitment to their customers.

KHID created an environment that is accessible, inviting and conducive to building relationships. An environment layered with rich texture, where tradition meets innovation to amplify their philosophy of “banking as it used to be, banking as it should be…”.

KHID’s program ensured Judo HQ was prepared in time for the company launch on 27th of March, where they hosted 250 people at a cocktail event, the multi-purpose space accommodated the event beautifully.


As a start-up Judo occupied a co-working space and although it fitted their initial needs to touch down, the space didn’t allow them to develop their people and culture.

Judo have reported a noted uplift in their culture and employee and customer engagement as a result of the move into their dedicated, independent and inspirational office.

The space has provided an opportunity for Judo to think differently and create opportunities for their customers by working collaboratively together in an environment that is conducive to nurturing relationships.


“The natural flow of the office from where you enter, greet/meet clients, grab a coffee and go through to the “engine room” works seamlessly. This demonstrates the level of planning and strategic thought that went into every detail of how the offices works in practice, it doesn’t just look good on paper, the reality really works so well. We are thrilled with the environment we have created for our business, made possible by the very talented and experienced KHID.” Kate Keenan Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder

The workspace adopts modern workplace principles through flexible working, providing staff opportunity to work in team areas, meet in booths or escape to a quiet rooms. The feature green walls inject greenery, creating a relaxing environment in a space that will transform and grow as the business grows.


When a business starts up it is crucial that every component from its people to its processes and visual communication are reflective of the quality of the product that will be delivered.

First impressions are lasting and KHID collaborative design approach has captured the detail, processes and soul of the organisation. We have ensured that Judo’s first impression is memorable and will stand the test of time.

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