Brimbank Community and Civic Centre


  • Brimbank City Council - Client
  • Currie & Brown - Project Managers & Cost Consultant
  • Bonacci Group - Structural & Civil Engineers
  • AECOM - Services Engineers
  • Lyons – Architects


This iconic building has been created in the heart of Sunshine, a catalyst project for building community capital and attracting further development in the Town Centre, and the booming western region.

Brimbank envisioned the building to be for the community, and the key challenge for the project was balancing the needs of the highly visible public areas with security and privacy needed for the Council working spaces.

The final design delivers a landmark Civic Building that encourages public participation, provides a cohesive workplace for the City of Brimbank and has become a real community asset, engendering great pride in the community.

Key Features


The building creates a distinctive identity for the Council office levels, with a visual emphasis on the community activities within the building – particularly at the lower two levels. The Community spaces are conceived as being ‘open’ and transparent with uninterrupted accessibility that creates welcoming spaces for Council and community use.


The form of the building was created through our research on the history of the site – particularly its history as the Sunshine Harvester factory. The saw-tooth profile of the form of the buildings (still visible as an ‘outline’ on the adjacent existing Visy Hub building) were used as a design concept for creating a ceiling to the Library urban community rooms. This connects the new identity of the building, and Library, with the local heritage.


Some elements of brick work have also been introduced into the lower public areas within the building, as a further reference to some of the heritage character of the former Harvester site – including the new building elements facing towards the Visy Services Centre, and its original heritage building.

A series of warm colours based around the yellow to red colour spectrum are incorporated into the ceilings of the urban rooms of the Library and Community spaces, interpreting the history and traditions of the ‘Sunshine’ corporate brand.

Hanging in the foyer space above the main entry is an existing historic Sunshine Harvester machine.


The Library, Community Rooms and Customer Service areas are fully integrated with the surrounding public streets and spaces. They are conceived as a series of ‘urban rooms’ joining together the ground and first floors. The public realm quite literally ‘flows’ into the building.

The two level Library provides an opportunity to ‘separate’ different functions within an integrated environment. Uses with an emphasis on new technologies, as well as the customer service areas, are located at ground level to create positive ‘attractors’. The bay windows to the library also create connections with the street life – making its activities highly visible and inviting exploration by the community.


The design’s innovative and open floor plate creates a totally flexible space where the Council can also create a new workplace culture, one that values staff and creates a great place for them to work as part of a team, and to meet with the community and the Council’s business partners.

The design concept for the workplace provides as many types of spaces as possible which allow people to interact as a matter of course during their daily activities – within their team areas, over tea and coffee, in the general circulation spaces, and the informal staff lounge areas.

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